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With its stylish and comfortable design, the Olux Ring is the perfect way to enjoy the benefits of natural healing and wellness wherever you go.

So small,

so powerful

Discover the innovative power of the Olux Ring - the first smart ring that combines the natural therapies of acupressure and magnetic therapy to promote improved health and well-being.

4 Magnets,

endless wellness

The ring is designed with 4 magnets placed at specific points on the inside of the band. When you wear the ring, these magnets interact with your body's natural magnetic field, creating a magnetic force that boost your health in multiple ways.


to last

Olux Ring is made of stainless steel: one of the highest quality metals on earth. Durable, lightweight, water resistant.


luxury finishes




Rose Gold

Discover how Olux Ring can

enhance your well-being


Olux Ring is also designed to help you achieve a better night's sleep by promoting relaxation and calming the mind through its magnetic field.

Weight Loss

By reducing inflammation and promoting better circulation, the body easily delivers nutrients and oxygen to cells, which increases metabolism.


Stress and anxiety are major contributors to many health problems, and the Olux Ring is designed to help reduce these negative emotions.

Activity & Recovery

Olux Ring utilizes magnetic technology to enhance physical performance and recovery by interacting with the body's natural processes during physical activities.

Over one million clients all over the world


saw improvement in their sleep quality


saw improvement in their energy levels

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